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iOS 18: New AI Features

Apple is gearing up to introduce several significant AI features in iOS 18, which is anticipated to be one of the most substantial updates to the iOS platform.

Siri Enhancements

Siri will become more intelligent, leveraging large language model technology to provide more natural conversations and improved personalization across devices. Siri will have enhanced interaction with the Messages app, allowing it to auto-complete sentences and answer complex questions. Additionally, Siri will integrate more deeply with the Shortcuts app, enabling users to automate complex tasks. For example, Siri might take a series of photos, convert them into a GIF, and send it with one command.

Spotlight Improvements

Spotlight search will include more intelligent results and improved sorting. The search feature will better integrate information from apps like Contacts and Calendar.

New Design Elements

iOS 18 will feature some design changes, with Apple aiming to update the operating system’s look. The update is expected to bring a more customizable Home Screen, allowing users to arrange app icons more freely, with options for creating blank spaces, rows, and columns.

App Updates

Several built-in apps, such as Notes, Mail, Photos, and Fitness, will receive updates. Safari, in particular, is slated for a major overhaul, featuring an “Intelligent Search” option for summarizing webpages and a “Web Eraser” tool to remove unwanted portions of webpages.

AI Integration Across the Platform

Apple is focusing on integrating AI across its platform. The Messages app will use AI to auto-complete messages, answer questions, and summarize incoming texts. In Safari, AI-powered summarization tools and a Web Eraser feature are planned. Apple Maps might include support for custom routes and topographic maps. Notes will allow voice memo recordings and mathematical notation, while the Calculator app will have design refinements and integration with Notes.

AI Partnerships

Apple is exploring partnerships with companies like Google and OpenAI for cloud-based generative AI models. This collaboration could lead to AI-powered enhancements in Siri and other apps.

Release Date and Compatibility

iOS 18 is expected to be announced at WWDC 2024, likely in June, with a public release around September. The update will reportedly be compatible with all devices that support iOS 17, including the latest iPhones.

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