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Federico Viticci’s ‘MacPad’ Hybrid 2024: Best Invention

Federico Viticci, the creator of MacStories and a tech journalist and podcaster, presented his latest project which he refers to as the “MacPad,” an odd-looking hybrid of the two devices, iPad and MacBook. In an attempt to produce the perfect tool for productivity and adaptability, this creative hybrid tablet combines the elegant display of an 11-inch iPad Pro with the full-size keyboard of a MacBook Air.

Viticci MacPad

Origin of ‘MacPad’ Hybrid

Viticci’s dissatisfaction with the lack of a MacBook and iPad combo in Apple’s range gave rise to the concept for the MacPad. One of the Apple fan has been so upset by the ongoing lack of an iPad and MacBook combination that he has decided to take matters into his own hands. Even if the iPad has developed into a potent tool that can compete with traditional computers for many jobs, there is still a need for a gadget that smoothly blends the best aspects of both.

Viticci’s invention combines the best features of both the iPad Pro’s touch screen and the MacBook Air’s keyboard to provide a unique alternative for anyone wishing to combine a tablet’s portability and laptop’s capabilities. The project demonstrates the possibility of user-driven innovation in the face of corporate lethargy, despite its complexity and high technological level.

How the Design of ‘MacPad’ Was Created?

Viticci tried several configurations before deciding on the combination of a MacBook Air keyboard and an 11-inch iPad Pro. The bigger 12.9-inch iPad Pro was eventually determined to be too heavy for practical usage, despite its early consideration due to its closer size match to the MacBook Air.

In addition to technical proficiency, the project needed a thorough comprehension of the hardware and software constraints of both devices. This project emphasizes the extent to which enthusiasts are willing to go to customize technology to meet their unique requirements, highlighting the significance of flexibility and user feedback in the product development process.

Federico explores with a wide variety of gear, however we all know him as the guy with the iPad. In an attempt to improve the Vision Pro’s mouse and keyboard, he accidentally produced the MacPad. The trackpad and keyboard of the MacBook Air, he found, were ideal for the task. After a series of events, he developed the MacPad, a product that Apple is now not prepared to produce.

After removing the display from an M2 MacBook Air, Viticci docked an 11-inch iPad Pro to the laptop’s keyboard base using magnets. Then, he used Continuity capabilities like Universal Control and Sidecar to make the iPad’s screen the primary display for the MacBook. Because the 11-inch iPad Pro is lighter than the 12.9-inch model, Viticci went for it.

The iPad behaves much like a conventional MacBook when docked. However, it has support for touch interactions, including a variety of gestures.

‘MacPad’ Hybrid Unique Functions

  • It’s the perfect trackpad and keyboard component for the Vision Pro.
  • It’s a transforming iPad that changes into a Mac, when docked.
  • It is an iPad Pro with an external keyboard and trackpad.
  • It is a Mac with a portable display and you can use as a tablet at any time.


The manual guide provided by Viticci is very extensive, as he is talking over some of the complexities involved in making the MacPad and aid people to help get the most out of it.

For instance, once the MacBook boots up, you have to unlock it using a VNC service. It is devoid of its display. If you have an existing display close by, you can connect it to it. Additionally, you must use the iPad to launch Sidecar rather than the Mac. Additionally, it might be problematic to use the iPad and MacBook on separate Wi-Fi connections when travelling.

Viticci Challenges Apple’s Productivity

Viticci pushes Apple to reevaluate its product strategy by fusing the MacBook Air and iPad Pro, proving that such a combination is feasible. This invention serves as a reminder of the unrealized potential of current technology and the ability to expand the envelope of what is feasible through innovative problem-solving. This initiative could encourage businesses and customers to reconsider the shortcomings of existing gadgets and look into fresh approaches to achieving more efficiency and integration as technology develops further.

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