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Apple Tests Significant Changes to the iPhone 16 Pro (Max) Camera Module

For several years, Apple has equipped its premium iPhone models with triple-camera setups, and the current flagship devices, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, continue this trend. However, changes may be on the horizon with the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max. According to leaks from @MajinBuOfficial, Apple is currently experimenting with a new layout for the camera module. While it will still feature three sensors, their arrangement might see a notable restructuring.

Triangular Module Design

Presently, the lenses, flash, and LiDAR scanner are housed on a raised section of the phone’s casing, with the lenses protruding further. This setup might change, as suggested by Majin Bu: a purported concept rendering of the iPhone 16 Pro (Max) showcases the three lenses under a common triangular elevation, covered by a single piece of glass.

This proposed design deviates from previous rumors, which hinted at a similar configuration but with the sides of the triangle curved inwards, somewhat resembling a fidget spinner. It appears that idea has been discarded in favor of the triangular layout now shown. However, Bu remains uncertain whether this design will be implemented in the final version of the iPhone 16 Pro (Max). As always, such preliminary information should be approached with caution.

Beyond Aesthetic Changes

Apart from potential technical benefits, a unified triangular module could be easier to clean than individual lenses. And while aesthetics are subjective, the current design featuring three distinct, protruding lenses has not been universally acclaimed as the best solution for the device’s rear appearance. Whether Apple will depart from this design in the next iPhone generation is yet to be seen.

This update hints at Apple’s continuous effort to innovate and refine the design and functionality of its devices, even in aspects as specific as the camera module. Fans and tech enthusiasts will undoubtedly watch closely for any official announcements or confirmations from Apple regarding these rumored changes.

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